Afghan Officials Demand Taliban Resume Doha Talks

Negotiator: Taliban doesn't have guts for peace

While Afghanistan’s Ghani government continues to try to talk the US into keeping the war going, the Doha peace talks are on hold, and that’s got government negotiators threatening to recall to Kabul and scrap the process without a deal.

The process was meant to resume in Doha weeks ago, but the Taliban was reticent, waiting to see if the Biden Administration intended to keep the US peace deal intact. That’s still not clear, but early signs are that the US is now leaning toward keeping troops there beyond May.

Without the US leaving, there’s no peace to be had, so negotiators are really just going through the motions in Doha. To that end, they’re already declaring that the Taliban “don’t have the guts for peace,” ready to blame them when the talks fail.

The US and Taliban reached a peace deal in February of 2020, and while the Doha talks are way behind schedule, a deal is still there to be had, assuming the Ghani government wants to finish negotiations and not just back away and wait for the US to change its mind on the war.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of