Taliban Overrun Base in Kunduz, Six Afghan Troops Killed, Five Captured

Kunduz Province continues to be heavily contested

Further to the north than most other contested territories in Afghanistan, fighting continues in the Kunduz Province, with a Wednesday night raid seeing the Taliban overrun a key security base, killing six Afghan soldiers and capturing five others. Two others were reported wounded but not captured.

This took place in Khan Abad, not far from Kunduz’s provincial capital. Control of the base means effective control over the eastern road leading into Kunduz City, and might suggest another push into the area.

Local officials have confirmed all details from the Wednesday attack. Conspicuously, the Afghan government has not offered any comment on the incident at all, and it’s unclear if they intend to send reinforcements or just abandon the area.

With expectations that the intra-Afghan talks are going to broach a ceasefire sometime soon, it is risky for the government to just let territory fall like this, as they will likely find those territories remaining on the Taliban side during the ceasefire’s duration.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.