US Envoy: Iran Missiles Would Be Dealt With Before They Reach Venezuela

Abrams plays up concerns for Iran military presence in Venezuela

President Trump’s special envoy on Iran and Venezuela, Eliott Abrams, commented on concerns about Iran establishing a military presence in Venezuela over the weekend, saying that the US will not tolerate any Iranian missiles that can reach US soil in Venezuela.

This all appears very theoretical, as while Venezuela and Iran are getting closer, there is no indication that missiles are being planned for deployment. Abram’s talk of interdicting Iranian ships seems to be bellicosity for its own sake, tackling a problem unlikely to exist.

Even if it is a potential issue, it probably won’t be one in Abrams’ purview, as a political appointee of the outgoing administration. Iran seems to be trying to avoid a war with the Trump Administration, and hoping for better fortunes with diplomacy under Biden.

The whole allegation is based on US accusations that Venezuela was helping Iran skirt a since-expired arms embargo, and frets that this could mean military ties between the two. None of this meant Iranian missiles headed to Venezuela, even if the very idea was a great opportunity for hawks to threaten Iran.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of