US-Seized Iranian Gasoline Soon to Arrive in Texas

Gasoline was originally meant for Venezuela

An estimated 1.12 million barrels of gasoline which left Iran and was believed to be bound for Venezuela is expected to arrive in Texas soon, as the gasoline was seized by the Trump Administration and is, according to the Justice Department, in “US custody.”

The gasoline is on two tankers at present, the first will arrive in Texas this week, and the other will arrive next week. The Justice Department has said they will sell off the gasoline at auction in the future, giving the money to US victims of terror.

Reportedly the US was planning to publicly announce the arrival of the gasoline, but now says they want to be more discrete. Iran denied this was their gasoline in the first place, and there is an ongoing court challenge to the seizure.

Venezuela is still trying to come up with gasoline, and three new tankers are being alleged to be en route, and also alleged to be Iranian, seemingly on the rationale that no one else would sell to Venezuela, and few would buy from Iran.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of