At Least 24 Killed in Fighting in Northern Yemen’s Jawf Province

16 Houthis reportedly among the slain

Fighting continues to rage in Jawf Province in northern Yemen, with pro-Saudi forces trying to push into territory held by the Houthi movement. At least 24 more people were reported killed Sunday night, including 16 Houthis and 8 pro-Hadi troops.

Fighting has been ongoing in Jawf for awhile. This is in roughly the same location where Saudi warplanes killed four Yemeni soldiers by mistake on Friday. Those soldiers, too, were trying to advance against the Houthis when they were hit.

The Saudis attacked Yemen in 2015, trying to oust the Houthi movement and reinstall the Hadi government, whose term in office had expired. The war has been non-stop since, with huge numbers of people killed in Saudi airstrikes, mostly civilians.

Pushing into rural parts of Jawf is meant to give the pro-Hadi forces a straight route into the capital city of Sanaa. This has been attempted multiple times in the war, and so far unsuccessfully.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of