Iran Will Allow Further IAEA Visits to Accused ‘Secret’ Sites

Dates agreed for visits, but IAEA says they are 'confidential'

Fresh off the visit to Iran of IAEA Chief Rafael Grossi, a deal was confirmed in which the IAEA has been granted additional access to two alleged nuclear sites for which no real evidence of wrongdoing has ever been found.

The two sites, one in Tehran and the other in Isfahan, were pushed as “secret” sites by Israel, and subsequently the US. Iran denies either was ever a nuclear site, and the first visit ended without any evidence to the contrary. The US kept pushing the IAEA to carry out more visits as a result.

Officials confirmed that a date has been set for each visit, though the IAEA has refused to say what those dates are, claiming they are “confidential,” albeit “very, very soon.” Iran did not comment beyond the joint statement on the visit itself.

Iran has been wanting to end questions on these locations for awhile, and has expressed concern in previous requests for visits that no matter what the IAEA finds or doesn’t find, the US is going to keep pressing for more visits and the matter will never be settled.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of