Iran Says Meeting With Visiting IAEA Chief ‘Constructive’

Both sides will carry out their responsibilities

Iran’s official visit from IAEA chief Rafael Grossi has come and gone. Iranian officials say it was a “constructive” meeting, and both sides agreed to keep meeting their legal commitments.

The meeting came amid US pushes against Iran at the UN, though both sides say the visit was coincidental to that. The IAEA had been suggested to be pushing more visits to alleged sites as well, though no agreements appear to have happened on that at all.

That’s not surprising. The IAEA keeps pushing the access requests at the behest of the US, based on Israel’s allegations. Iran has refused further visits since the IAEA didn’t find anything the last time, and while that’s bound to keep coming up neither Iran nor Grossi seems to want to let it harm the relationship.

The IAEA inspections of Iran are more strict than any place else in the world, and Iran is keen to show cooperation because of the P5+1 nuclear deal.The US keeps claiming violations, though since they are no longer part of the deal their options seem limited.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of