China: US Flew Spy Plane Into No-Fly Zone

Defense Ministry warns move risked 'misunderstanding'

China has issued a statement to US officials complaining about a US spy plane overflight into a Chinese-established no-fly zone, the latest in a series of incidents mounting tensions between the two nations.

The US spy plane, a U-2, was accused of going into a no-fly zone set up during Chinese military operations, and Chinese officials suggest that the plane was spying on the exercises, and hindered exercises with its unwelcome presence.

China’s Defense Ministry warned the presence of a US plane risked a “misunderstanding” that could’ve caused an incident. The US has not responded to what they were doing in the area.

Nor are they likely to. US spy planes have been in multiple incidents with Russia and China in recent months, and have not commented on what they thought they were doing in any of them. All of this is raising tension in both areas, and the risks that an interception could escalate into a more serious encounter.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of