Russian Jet Intercepts Two US Spy Planes Over Black Sea

US planes approached the Russian border from neutral waters

For the second time this week, and the fourth time already this month, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported that a Su-27 fighter intercepted a pair of US surveillance planes over the Black Sea. The planes were in neutral waters, but were approaching the Russian border.

The Su-27 in the area are getting a lot of wok lately, with US planes heavily active in the area. US officials are said to be looking to enhance their Black Sea presence, Most of the planes are US Navy planes, launched presumably from ships.

It is not unusual for the US or Russia to use planes to test one another’s air defenses, but the number of such incidents by US planes in this small area is very extreme, suggesting that the US has particular designs on the area.

NATO has in particular wanted an active naval presence in the Black Sea, though the limited number of Black Sea states in NATO makes this difficult to accomplish in any meaningful amount.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of