German Officials Object to US Senate Threats of Crushing Sanctions on Port

Tiny Mukran Port accused of being involved in pipeline efforts

The German government has declared US sanctions threats “completely outrageous” after an open letter from three US Senators threatened “crushing legal and economic sanctions” against them for allowing Russian vessels to dock in Germany.

This is a continuation of US objections to Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Russian ships involved in construction are accused of having docked in Germany’s Mukran Port, and the US is threatening to punish the port over that.

The activity takes place at the port of Sassnitz, and the letter threatens “fatal measures” for the port, which German MPs said amounted to a “declaration of economic war.” The pipeline is meant to supply northern Europe with natural gas from Russia.

The Mukran port is on the island of Rugen, and in addition to servicing the Russian ships, also stores sections of pipeline to be deployed in the area. There is no suggestion from Germany that they’re even considering backing down over the US threats.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of