Clashes Reported in Eastern Afghanistan, First Since Ceasefire

Officials report 10 Taliban killed in Ghazni

Last weekend’s three day ceasefire in Afghanistan was followed by talk of an extension. By Wednesday, however, officials are reporting that clashes have broken out again, with at least 10 Taliban reported slain in Ghazni.

Afghan officials suggested that the Taliban had started the attacks near Ghazni, raiding an army base. The government reported that they’d repelled the Taliban fighters. They did not report on casualties on the Afghan security forces’ side.

The hope was that the Eid ceasefire would give way to direct talks between the Taliban and government, and it may yet. The fighting gives less sense that the two sides are approaching an inevitable deal, however.

Direct fighting is less common between the Afghan forces and the Taliban, though it still happens on the fringes. Ghazni is one of several cities the Taliban has intermittently contested in the past year.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of