Envoy Confirms US to Keep Backing Venezuela’s Guaido After Election

Abrams expects 'dozens' of countries to endorse Guaido

US representative for Venezuela regime change Elliott Abrams has announced that the US will continue to endorse Venezuela’s Juan Guaido as the country’s ruler, following a December election that the opposition plans to boycott.

The US has endorsed Guaido for over a year, despite him not winning an election, and predicted he would eventually claim power, despite that not having happened so far. The US was reportedly frustrated that their diktats did not immediately result in a change in power, but they don’t seem willing to give up on the idea.

Abrams, indeed, has said he expects dozens of other countries to recognize Guaido. Abrams added that the US won’t accept the result of Venezuela’s vote, whatever that turns out to be, on the assumption that it will weaken Guaido’s claim.

Abrams accused Turkey of playing a role in the Maduro government’s survival, saying a “lot of gold” was passing from Venezuela to Iran by way of Turkey.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.