Turkish Forces Move Deeper Into Iraq to Fight Kurds

Turkey sends drones, establishes new bases inside Iraq

Turkey’s invasion of northern Iraq earlier this summer to move against the PKK was never authorized by Iraq, but it never formally ended, either. Now, Turkey is reportedly moving deeper into northern Iraq, and setting up some bases inside the country.

The PKK in Iraq, who came during a brief ceasefire with Turkey, are mostly confined to the far north, and Turkey is determined to keep moving against them. Despite Iraq’s objections, it seems unlikely they’re going to intervene to stop Turkey, and that means Turkey has more or less free rein.

The establishment of bases could be a big issue, however, both forcing Iraq to do something about the war, and encouraging Iraqi factions to turn against a Turkish invasion which most groups don’t believe has anything to do with them. Turkish drones attacked what officials say were ISIS suspects.

Turkey says they will have 30 temporary bases, and Kurdish regional officials say they are forced to “be very quiet” about it, even though they are clearly bristling at Turkey’s unwelcome and open-ended incursion.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.