Iraq PM Won’t Allow Threats to Iran From Iraqi Soil

Kadhimi reiterates not wanting to host US-Iran proxy war

On his high-profile visit to Tehran, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Kadhimi sought to assure Iranians that Iraq would not allow its soil to be used to launch against aggression against them. This was seen as clearly aimed at not letting the US use it as a launching pad.

Iraq’s main geopolitical priority in recent years has been to avoid being the host of a US-Iran proxy war. Kadhimi is seen as a pro-US candidate, so taking the position in Iran is seen as particularly important.

Such comments are likely to loom large in upcoming US-Iraq talks on the future of US troops there, as many Iraqis want the US gone, and Kadhimi will be expected to deliver on this pledge in any deal. The US, however, has continued to raise tensions with Iran.

Kadhimi is trying to balance his relations with his US supporters and Shi’ite militias that are on good terms with Iran. This is not a minor point, as failures of one or the other has brought down several premiers and PM-designates in recent years.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of