Russian, US Fighter Jets Intercept Planes Over International Airspace

Russia caught US surveillance planes in Black Sea

Ongoing military tensions between the US and Russia continue to result in confrontations in international airspace, as both sides reported intercepting the other side over the weekend.

A Russian Su-30 fighter intercepted a RC-135 spy plane and a refueling jet in the area over the Black Sea. Russia says they intercepted because the plane was heading toward Russian airspace, but it turned around and left. The US did not comment.

The US did, however say that F-22 jets intercepted four Russian Tu-142 spy planes that were 65 miles off the coast of Alaska. As with the other example, the planes turned around before entering the other side’s airspace.

It is common for both the US and Russia to test one another’s airspace defenses with attempted overflights to judge reaction times. Russia reported at least eight such interactions this month alone.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of