Israeli Airstrikes Pound Northern Syria, Killing at Least Nine

Attack reportedly targeted weapons factory

Syrian state media reported an Israeli attack against the northern area around al-Masyaf, with missiles hitting a weapons factory. The attack was said to have caused massive damage, and killed at least nine people.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed this was roughly the case, saying four killed were Syrian and the others are of unknown nationalities. They expected the death toll would rise because of the extent of the damage.

As usual, Israel refused to talk, but they did chime in on a 2019 attack on Syria, denying media reports that Israeli ground troops had entered Syria without permission. The incident killed one Syrian civilian.

Israel constantly attacks targets in Syria, and generally does try to kill foreigners, labeling them Iranian in most Israeli media outlets. The slain are generally Shi’ites from other countries, but very rarely are they actually from Iran.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of