US Military Helicopters Deployed to Disperse DC Protesters

Low-flying Black Hawk helicopters used to scare demonstrators

Flying at between 100 and 300 feet, US military attack helicopters, identified as Black Hawk helicopters by some in the crowd, were sent into Washington DC, looming around the Chinatown neighborhood and other areas where protesters were reported.

This is the first manifestation of President Trump’s very public talk of deploying the American military against protesters in the name of “dominating” them and restoring order. Trump suggested  a nationwide operation involving “hundreds and thousands” of troops.

Efforts to clear parts of the capital city also saw the US deploying tear gas on protesters and church clergy in the area around St. John’s Episcopal Church, for the purpose of President Trump visiting the outside of the church for a photograph holding a Bible.

Those tied with the church were deeply critical of this “photo-op.” Rev. Gina Gerbasi, who was forcibly cleared away from the church by police, called it “absolute sacrilege.” The Bishop of the diocese added that she was also outraged by the move, noting Trump didn’t pray at all, and seemingly just wanted a picture.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of