Venezuela’s Maduro: Venezuela and Iran Will ‘Never Kneel’ Before US

Maduro says gas shipments are sign of solidarity with Iran

Venezuela’s President Maduro gave a speech following the arrival of five Iranian gas tankers, sent despite US opposition, declaring it proof that the “two revolutionary people will never kneel down before North American imperialism.”

Maduro defended the right of the nations to trade with one another despite US sanctions. Venezuela bought the gasoline, which is meant to ease a major fuel shortage, and reportedly paid in gold. The gold is reportedly to be flown back to Iran.

The first Iranian tanker arrived in Venezuelan waters on Saturday evening, and docked on Sunday. A second tanker has also reportedly docked since then. Iran’s oil minister presented the shipments as a victory, declaring “we keep going and winning.”

Despite US opposition, and growing US naval presence in the Caribbean, there was no serious effort to stop the tankers. The US did impose sanctions on a Chinese company accused of involvement in the airline that ships the gold.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of