Afghanistan’s Eid Ceasefire Draws Reactions From US, World

Afghan government cheers move, will respect truce

The Taliban has announced a three-day ceasefire on Sunday to coincide with the Eid al-Fitr celebration at the end of Ramadan. The Ghani government praised this move, and has promised to respect the truce for three days.

This marks the first ceasefire since the US-Taliban peace deal. An Eid al-Fitr ceasefire was also held in 2018, and was successful for the three days, though ultimately was not extended afterward, despite some offers to do so.

This comes at a good time, and not just because of the holiday. Violence has been ongoing since the peace deal, and this is the first move to an intra-Afghan peace. The Ghani government is talking about following through with prisoner releases, which has been a major obstacle to the peace process. US and global powers all praised the ceasefire.

If prisoners are released, it is easy to see the two sides extending the ceasefire going forward, and talks meant to have been started weeks ago could finally start happening in earnest.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of