Venezuela’s Guaido Says Latin America Must Oppose Iranian Fuel Shipment

Says shipment ought to 'alarm' everyone

Venezuela’s opposition leader and US-claimed ruler Juan Guaido says Latin America must be alarmed by reports of Iran delivering fuel into Veuezuela in violation of US wishes. The five tankers full of gasoline are en route, and Venezuela’s Defense Ministry says it will escort them to shore.

Guaido didn’t elaborate on why he is opposing this, but the US has been loudly opposed to the transaction between Iran and Venezuela, so it’s likely Guaido is just backing the US position on his country as a matter of course.

Guaido did, however, suggest that the presence of Iranian gasoline caused safety concerns for the country and the region. Venezuela normally makes its own gasoline, but US sanctions have kept them from keeping their refinery going.

The lack of fuel is a big problem for the economy of Venezuela, and potentially a safety concern itself. Since it is a US-imposed shortage, however, Guaido prefers that to Venezuela buying fuel from abroad.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of