New Iraq PM Orders Raid Against ‘Iran-Backed’ Militia

Pro-US premier is quick to move against militia

Newly enshrined Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Kadimi seems to be looking to underscore his portrayal as a pro-US candidate, ordering a raid in Basra against a Shi’ite militia group that the US has been trying to portray as “Iran-backed.”

Officials are reporting at least five members of Ther Allah organization were arrested, on charges of firing at protesters who were congregating outside. This sort of crackdown on protesters was the order of the day before Kadimi took office.

This raid both benefits him in allowing him to present his administration to the protest movement as a break from the status quo, and also to try to keep the US happy that he’s a bit more hostile toward Iran than previous candidates.

On the other hand, Kadimi only got the position as part of a US-Iran deal, and if he makes too much of hostility toward the militias, he may lose support from important political Shi’ites.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of