Gunmen Attack Hospital in Afghan Capital, Killing 16 Including Newborns

Suicide bomber hits funeral, killing 24 and injuring scores

Major attacks in the Afghan capital of Kabul have killed at least 40 people, and wounded scores of others. Overwhelmingly, the casualties were innocent civilians, with the most shocking coming at a maternity hospital run by Doctors Without Borders.

Gunmen disguised as police attacked the hospital, killing 16 people including between two and four newborn infants. There was no claim of responsibility, and the Taliban denied it, though officials suggested it was a Taliban strike.

Elsewhere, a suicide bomber hit a  police commander’s funeral, killing 24 more and wounding over 68 others. The casualties were again reported to be civilians, though the funeral had a number of officials in attendance.

There have been no claims of responsibility for either attack, though the Taliban denied anything to do with either. The police commander was from Nangarhar, which potentially ties him to past fights with ISIS and gives that group an interest in targeting his funeral.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of