Report: Iran Navy Ship Hits Second Iranian Ship With Friendly Fire

30-40 deaths claimed in unconfirmed reports

Multiple reports are emerging of an incident on Sunday near the Gulf of Oman, in which an Iranian Navy frigate fired upon another Iranian Navy ship named the Konarak with an anti-ship missile. The Iranian media has yet to confirm this incident.

In an apparent “friendly fire” incident, the Konarak sustained substantial damage according to the reports, and initial claims are 30-40 people were killed or missing after the missile firing. The Konarak was identified as a support ship.

Though tensions are high around Iran’s coast recently, such incidents are extremely rare. It would also be rare for Iranian media to neither confirm or deny the incident by the time it is in several media outlets.

The frigate was armed with C-802, which are short-range Chinese anti-ship cruise missiles. Such missiles are meant to have security mechanisms to prevent accidental firing at friendly targets, which would add to the questions if this turns out to be a true story.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of