Trump: US Had ‘Nothing to Do’ With Venezuela Plot

Says he would've launched big, successful invasion

Speaking about the failed Venezuelan incursion, President Trump insisted the US had “nothing to do with it at all,” and that he personally knew nothing about it. He mocked it as a failed attack by a rogue group of “people from other countries.” Indications are that at least two American were captured in the plot.

Trump said that if the US had been in the plot, it would have been an overt invasion, and it would’ve been a successful regime change. The US has threatened the possibility of an invasion for over a year to impose a regime change, ousting President Maduro.

While the US already backed at least one failed coup in Venezuela, this latest plot was by a group of plotters led by two US veterans, and that the plot was being run by US-based Silvercorp USA company., on behalf of Juan Guaido.

The US wants Guaido to take over the country, and has claimed he is the rightful ruler. They have been bankrolling them, so despite denying any direct knowledge of the plot, the US likely paid for it, at least in part.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of