Israeli Missile Strike Hits Syrian Military Outposts in Aleppo

Fifth Israeli strike on Syria in two weeks

For the fifth time in the past two weeks, Israel has carried out a missile strike against military targets inside Syria. This time, the attack was in Aleppo Province, with a research center and military barracks.

The attacks were said to have gone after buildings around defense factories which officials had at one point suggested were “Iran-linked.” The amount of damage done is not clear, as Syria reported air defense intercepted much of the incoming missile fire.

Israel refused to comment on the matter, which is roughly the way most Israeli attacks have gone. Israeli officials have rarely admitted to attacks, but have said they won’t stop. Analysts speculated that the increased Israeli attacks are because they will get less international attention during the coronavirus pandemic.

Syria has been emphasizing the number of strikes intercepted, and that very little damage is done. Syrian state media tends to report more damage than the Syrian Army, though both emphasize missile defense capabilities.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of