Russia Opposes US Bid to Extend Iran Arms Embargo

Congress wants US to try to extend embargo diplomatically

With the Trump Administration continuing to push to extend the Iran arms embargo, which expires in October, 90% of Houses members have sent a letter backing the idea, and urging the administration to seek the extension diplomatically at the UN, courting all “allies and like-minded partners.”

It’s not clear how much diplomatic interest there is in an extension, but it looks to be a non-starter at the UN, as Russian officials again pointed out they oppose any extension. Russia is believed to be planning to sell defensive arms to Iran once the expiration is in effect.

Despite US talk of the extension in recent weeks, Russia says they communicated their position to the US awhile ago, and a Russian veto would preclude any resolution to extend the embargo. The US hasn’t offered any particular strategy to change Russia’s mind.

The State Department seems to believe this might fail at any rate, but insisted earlier this week that the US would try to unilaterally enforce the embargo, even if it expires, after October.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of