Venezuela’s Guaido Urges Military, Others Back Him in Ousting Maduro

Presents regime change as needed in the 'severe emergency'

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has spent over a year trying to take over the country with US government backing. Guaido has consistently argued that he deserves to replace President Nicolas Maduro. Now, he is arguing that the coronavirus is such a severe emergency that he needs to take over the country to secure international aid to fight the virus.

This argument seems to be built around the reality that the US is heavily sanctioning Venezuela, and would severely curtain any medical imports to fight the virus, something that presumably would miraculously evaporate if Guaido took power.

Recent polls, however, say Guaido has very minor support among the public, either for his claim as de facto president or as a ruler they’d even want. It is in this context that Guaido is seeking “unity” support from the military, not the public.

It’s unlikely that everyone will unite behind Guaido just over the idea of international aid being easier to come by under his rule, and underscores once again that the US sanctions against certain nations they don’t like are very much an issue for coronavirus.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of