Israeli Helicopters Attack Syrian Army Posts

Three soldiers wounded, civilian reported killed

Continuing Israel’s recent attacks into Syria, attack helicopters crossed the line of control into the Syrian Golan on Thursday, attacking a number of Syrian military positions around the area.

Details on what was being targeted or why was not entirely clear. Israeli media suggested Hezbollah was being targeted, while Syrian state media reported a civilian was killed in the attack.

A lot of speculation was that Israel believed Hezbollah was setting up infrastructure in this area, and believed Syria’s government was helping. This once again marks Israel attacking Syria with an eye toward hitting non-Syrians.

Earlier this week, Israel attacked Damascus with an eye toward killing Palestinians, and for months have been attacking Iranians and Iraqis. That even now it’s about Lebanese Hezbollah gives the impression Israel doesn’t want to be public about attacking Syria, despite all of the attacks being on Syria.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of