Europe Remains Skeptical as Trump Seeks Support on Iran

Trump wanted Europe, NATO to rally behind him

When last Thursday President Trump attacked the Baghdad Airport, killing Iran’s top general, it was part of tensions spiraling out of control, and brought the two countries to the brink of an open war. Behind the scenes, the Trump Administration was waiting for Europe, and NATO, to issue a bunch of statements in support of the matter.

It didn’t happen though. A lot of nations saw this as another reckless Trump move, and resisted Trump’s demands to move toward more anti-Iran measures. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was also deeply critical of Europe for not being more “helpful.”

Nobody else wanted to be in the line of fire for Iran’s retaliation. Even Israel was quick to issue a statement distancing themselves from the US, while other anti-ISIS coalition members were scrambling to move out of Iraq and get their troops to the safety of Kuwait.

Analysts say many of the nations were careful not to antagonize the US either, but felt obliged to support diplomacy with Iran. Trump’s call to start incorporating Middle East nations into NATO may reflect his interest in getting more hawkish nations, and ones more likely to follow where the US leads, into the alliance.


Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of