US Ready to Send More Troops Into Iraq as Situation Unravels

Top US general says anyone trying to overrun embassy will 'run into a buzz saw'

Any possibility of Iraq returning to a stable position after a long weekend is seemingly out the window after the US attacked the Baghdad International Airport, killing multiple Iraqi government officials and a top Iranian general. But the Pentagon was already preparing for this, saying that troops were ready to be sent from Kuwait into Iraq if needed.

If US attacks on five militia bases on Sunday sparked major protests at the US Embassy, it should be a foregone conclusion that the backlash here will be even bigger. Perhaps expecting moves on the embassy, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Gen. Mark Milley says anyone moving on the embassy will “run into a buzz saw,” which is likely to involve yet more US troops sent to the area.

Milley also downplayed the risk to the embassy, saying he didn’t believe that anyone could unseat the US from the site. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he expected Iran to “do something,” and that was before these new attacks.

Indications are that 750 troops were sent to Kuwait in the past 24 hours, and thousands more are likely to be sent in the days to come. With the US seemingly moving to provoke a reaction, it’s likely those troops will be in for a fight.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of