Western Media Hypes North Korean Action, Citing Deadline

With progress on hold, media expects 'glaring setback' for diplomacy

Between the US downplaying the year-end “deadline” to resume talks with North Korea and it becoming apparent that no progress is about to happen, Western media is moving past questioning the consequences and going straight into speculating about North Korean military action.

There is no conclusive evidence that any missile tests or other incidents are forthcoming, but one off-handed mention of a “Christmas gift” by North Korea’s state media has Western outlets predicting something will happen, and potentially something big.

Diplomacy between the US and North Korea was on hold for much of 2019, and North Korea’s talk of a deadline likely reflected growing impatience. At the same time, it’s clear neither side intends to make a concession to get things going again, and both seem all but resigned to keep talks on hold for the time being.

And while Western outlets are expecting this to mean a return to tensions, and also predicting a “glaring setback” for Trump’s diplomacy attempts, it’s not clear North Korea is going to do something. The nation isn’t likely to do a launch just for the sake of doing a launch, and there is no likely near-term benefit to do anything of the sort right now.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.