Yemen’s Houthis: 350 Saudi-Backed Fighters Killed or Wounded in Mocha Attacks

Pro-Saudi forces made 120 infiltration attempts

Yemen’s Houthi movement issued a statement this week detailing fighting earlier this month in the port city of Mocha, where Saudi-backed forces tried to infiltrate at least 120 times on November 6.

Over the course of the fighting, the Houthis not only retained control of Mocha, but inflicted casualties on attacking forces. Some 350 pro-government casualties were reported, including Saudi, UAE, and Sudanese troops and militias.

The Houthi report did not say the actual split between killed and wounded fighters, but said they had destroyed five armories, and several Patriot missile batteries, while destroying a number of armored vehicles.

Mocha is considered a valuable city and has been contested a few times in the five year war in Yemen. As with a lot of the major cities, these fights have been high-casualty but territory has rarely actually changed hands in a decisive manner.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of