Iran’s President Rouhani Accused of Secret Talks With Israel

Iran Revolutionary Guard officer makes allegations, offers no evidence

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is facing death threats and calls for ouster after a claim by an influential Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps officer that Rouhani was engaged in secret negotiations with Israel.

The accuser, Hassan Abbasi, raised the accusation without providing evidence, during a speech at Ardebil Azad University. He also accused Rouhani of secretly being a neo-Keynesian economist.

Abbasi has a long history of dubious accusations and conspiracy theories, but he has influence within some segments of Iran’s leadership that gives the accusations some measure of attention.

One hardline cleric was said to be seeking support for impeachment from Iranian MPs on allegations surrounding Rouhani’s policy, and these new Israel accusations are likely intended to give that a shot in the arm.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of