Acting IAEA Head: Iran Must Explain Uranium Particles

Particles were from natural, unenriched uranium

The IAEA is sending a team to Iran next week to meet with Iranian officials to try to sort out the detection of natural uranium particles during a previous visit. The acting IAEA head Cornel Feruta says there has been no discussion of the matter yet.

The IAEA has not made a lot of the details public, though Israel has speculated this was vindication of a “secret site” that Netanyahu revealed to them. This is unlikely, however, as the site in question was reported destroyed well before the IAEA visit.

Either way, the IAEA detected natural particles at an undisclosed site, saying it was believed to be mined uranium that had not been enriched in any way. It is not immediately clear this would be a violation even if true, as the IAEA does not restrict uranium mining.

Feruta, however, said it was essential to solve the matter promptly, and that Iran needed to address the issue during the upcoming visit. Iran has not publicly commented on the vague allegations, though the US termed them “deeply concerning.” Since the US is no longer a party to the Iran nuclear deal, however, their concern has no real weight to it.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of