Chaos Sweeps Bolivia as Senator Declares Herself President

Security forces move against Morales supporters

Chaos continues in Bolivia on Tuesday as former President Morales slowly made his way to exile in Mexico. Morales’ supporters are in the streets condemning the military for an effective takeover in the past few days, while security forces are squaring off against them and vowing to maintain order.

Sen. Jeanine Anez, the deputy senate speaker, moved Tuesday to unilaterally declare herself interim president of Bolivia, saying she intends to see elections “as soon as possible.”

Anez had hoped to be voted into the position by the Senate, but lacking a quorum, she decided to just declare herself the new leader. Only Morales’ critics showed up, which wasn’t enough to have a quorum for a vote.

Morales was deeply critical of Anez taking over, saying she was a “coup-mongering right-wing senator.” Morales’ party had said they were trying to get guarantees as a condition to attend the session of the senate, but were unable to do so.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of