US Officials Believe Turkey Violating Agreement on Use of US Arms

Evidence of arms' misuse is 'credible'

US officials are investigating reports that the Turkish government has violated end-use agreements on US-provided arms in the invasion of northeastern Syria, saying initial findings are that the claims are credible.

This conclusion has led to further investigation and review. This could be a big issue for US arms sales to Turkey, particularly at a time when Turkey’s invasion of Syria has made them unpopular in Congress.

The US rarely makes a big deal out of violations of end-use agreements by allies, which is to say that they’ve made it a point not to punish the Saudis for all the civilians they’ve killed. Turkey’s invasion of Syrian Kurdish territory has been high-profile, however, and puts officials in a bit of a difficult position.

It’s also an occasion, increasingly common in Syria, where the US has armed both sides of a conflict, as the Kurds are surely armed almost entirely with US arms, and while Turkey buys from a few NATO nations, the US is clearly a major source.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of