In ‘Heated’ Meeting, US Warned Kurds Not to Talk With Assad or Russia

Meeting happened hours before Russia-Turkey deal

While US forces are largely out of Syria, they are still engaging in the region, and US diplomats reportedly held a meeting with the president of Syrian Kurdistan’s “Syrian Democratic Council.”

The discussion became quite heated, leading the US diplomats to angrily warn that they will “not allow” the Kurds to make any deals with the Syrian government or with Russia for protection against Turkey.

Kurdish officials are declining comment on the matter, but just hours after the meeting, Turkey and Russia had announced their own deal which is meant to prevent attacks against the Kurdish forces still in the safe zone. Russia agreed to help remove remaining Kurdish forces.

This is the exact same deal the US made with Turkey last week, which Turkish officials say did not pan out. Russia has said they will complete the Kurdish pullout within the next 150 hours, starting at noon on Wednesday.

The US has long objected to the Kurds talking to Russia or Syria, but since the US talks with the Kurds are not getting the assurances that the Kurds wanted, it is unsurprising that they moved on to someone else.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of