North Korea Blames US for Failure to Restart Talks

Says its time for US to make proposals

North Korean officials issued a statement Monday saying that they blame the US for failing to get any talks restarted long after the first Trump-Kim summit. Both sides say they remain ready to meet for talks.

North Korean officials say it is time for a new approach, and that the US has had enough time to make calculations, and ought to share its proposals for further talks between the two sides.

North Korea had objected before to the US continuing to raise sanctions even as North Korea made progress on denuclearization. President Trump suggested no sanctions relief would come until full denuclearization, which has effectively derailed the process.

North Korea has said for awhile they want to see the US take a new approach, but so far there is no indication what the US approach actually will be, and the administration seems to have preferred to not offer North Korea anything concrete.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of