Hafter Forces Have Killed Over 90 Libyan Govt Forces in Two Days

Heavy airstrikes, clashes reported around key port of Misrata

The Eastern Libyan-based forces of Gen. Khalifa Hafter, who are engaged in an ongoing attempt to take over Libya from the UN-backed Tripoli government continued their offensive over the weekend.

At least 90 pro-government fighters were killed, and 150 others were wounded in fighting, mostly in and around the key city of Misrata, the home of one of the main pro-government militias.

A number of major airstrikes were reported against Misrata, and seem to have caused a lot of the casualties. Speculation is that the UAE was supporting these strikes, as they are one of the major funders of Hafter’s forces.

Interest in moving against Misrata is unsurprising for Hafter, as the Misrata militia is seen as leaning toward the pro-Islamist side of the government, while Hafter tends to attack anything remotely Islamist on the grounds that it’s probably terrorism.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.