France, Britain, and Germany Blame Iran for Attack on Saudi Oil Refineries

Officials endorse US narrative, but call for diplomacy

France, Britain, and Germany issued a joint statement on Monday endorsing the US accusation Iran attacked Saudi oil refineries earlier this month, saying there is “no other explanation.”

The three nations had previously not endorsed the allegations, and France in particular expressed some doubts, citing the lack of actual evidence. Yemen’s Houthis have insisted they launched the attack, not Iran.

While signing off on the idea of an Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia, the statement also came with a call for a push for new diplomatic engagement, saying the world must prevent further escalation.

This sort of endorsement of the attack may have been seen as necessary to get to the diplomacy call, as Saudi Arabia had said that their visit to the UN General Assembly was going to focus on selling those nations on Iran’s blame for the attack.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of