US Accuses North Korea of Blocking Nuclear Talks

Special envoy says North Korea must take immediate action

While US officials say they are hoping to resume denuclearization talks with North Korea in the days or weeks to come, special envoy Stephen Biegun is insisting that it is totally North Korea’s fault.

Biegun says North Korea has been blocking the talks, and had better stop doing so “before it is too late.” He also said that if talks started, the north needed to be willing to take “immediate action” to progress the effort.

The most recent suggestion of talks between the US and North Korea was a surprise Trump visit to the demilitarized zone. While everyone came out of that upbeat, no new talks were ultimately scheduled.

North Korea has been mad at US military exercises along their southern border recently, and the suggestion was no talks would happen while those exercises are ongoing. Trump has said he agrees with North Korea that the exercises are bad, but made no apparent effort to stop them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of