UN Nuclear Inspectors Visit Iran for ‘Ongoing Interactions’

Diplomats claim IAEA found uranium particles at 'secret' site

UN nuclear inspectors are in Iran this weekend visiting a variety of facilities in what they described as their “ongoing interactions” with the Iranian nuclear program. This includes confirming the “violations” claimed related to Iran moving away from some voluntary compliance.

The main news out of this, according to diplomats, was “trace” amounts of uranium found at a site in Iran, which had been tapped by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “secret atomic warehouse.”

UN officials are still working on sourcing the uranium in question, and have not made any announcements on it, leaving open the question of if it was unenriched, low-enriched, or otherwise.

Officials conceded that there were a lot of potential explanations for such trace amounts. In the past, the UN inspectors accidentally cross-contaminated a site they were inspecting by bringing in small amounts of uranium from the last site they’d visited, and then “discovering” it again. The Israeli link to this site must also raise the potential of Israel planting something there to try to sell this as a smoking gun.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.