Iran Oil Tanker Has Sold Its Oil

US vows to sanction whoever bought it

Captured in July as the Grace I and renamed the Adrian Darya-1 after its release, an Iranian oil tanker has finally made its delivery, according to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, who termed the oil “sold.”

The tanker was held for weeks in Gibraltar, and ultimately released on the promise it wouldn’t go to Syria. The US had tried to get the ship given to them, unsuccessfully, and also tried to bribe the captain to hand it over.

US officials are vowing to sanction whoever ended up buying that oil, but that may not be a simple task since it isn’t entirely apparently who that actually was, and Iran probably isn’t going to volunteer that information.

Suspicions are necessarily that Syria ended up getting the oil, both because they were who wanted it in the first place and because one of the last sightings of the tanker was near their coastline. Iranian officials had indicated they might take it to Turkey, however, so this is hardly proof of guilt.

Even if it turned out Syria did buy the oil, US options are practically nil, since the US already sanctions both Iran and Syria about as much as possible.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of