Saudis ‘Unaware’ Bombed Yemen Prison Held Prisoners

Spokesman accuses Red Cross of not informing them

On Sunday, Saudi warplanes attacked and destroyed a prison in the Yemeni city of Dhamar, killing an estimated 130 prisoners. Saudi officials are now saying they had no idea that the prison held any prisoners, nor had they added the prison to the “no strike list.

The Houthis reported that the prison was well known, and that the Red Cross had visited several times. The Red Cross has concurred, and was critical of the Saudis for attacking the site.

The Houthis reported that the prison was used in large measure to hold fighters loyal to the pro-Saudi government. The Red Cross said the number of casualties were “staggering” and that people not taking active part in combat shouldn’t be targeted by airstrikes.

The Saudis condemned the Red Cross for not informing them about the site, and also said they hold the Houthis fully responsible for all the prisoners they killed in the airstrike.

Though it’s possible the Saudis didn’t know, they have carried out airstrikes to a preposterous number of schools and hospitals which also would’ve been on “no strike lists” nationwide throughout the war, so claims they didn’t know must always be doubted somewhat.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of