Syrian Army Makes Gains in Northwest as Russia Sends Reinforcements

Forces advance into most densely populated parts of Idlib

With the Syrian military having captured a number of towns in southern Idlib Province, reports had them focused on massing troops for a deeper push. That seems to be happening quickly, with Russia sending reinforcements to the area.

Already, reports are that the Syrian forces are moving into some towns and farmland further into Idlib, and are getting closer to the densely populated parts of the province near its provincial capital.

As they push into farms and villages, White Helmets officials are claiming large increases in civilian casualties. Its not clear this is accurate, however, as the White Helmets are funded by Western nations and have tended to make claims that would support Western policies.

In this case, Western policies can be seen as just anti-Russian policies. While Russia is keen to see Syria finish fighting over this last rebel-held province, the US and others are eager to see the war drag on.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of