South Yemen Separatists Retake Capital City of Aden

UAE-backed reinforcements surge into Aden to reclaim area

After a Wednesday offensive in which Saudi-backed forces captured the city of Aden from UAE-backed separatists, the separatists and their allies have surged back with force, and by late Thursday have reclaimed the city.

While the separatists of the Southern Transitional Council lost a lot of towns in recent days, Aden is by far the most important, as it is the historic capital of South Yemen, which they intend to reform.

Aden is also being used by the Saudi-backed government as an interim capital for all of Yemen, since they don’t control the capital of Sanaa. The fight over Aden is likely to be a major ongoing issue between two factions that were once allied in the Yemen War, and now are at each others’ throats in a new war.

While the Saudis and UAE are both arguing that dialogue is needed, the Yemeni forces whose loyalty they command aren’t necessarily on board, with the government demanding separatists surrender, and the separatists insisting they’re going to keep what they took.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of