Trump: US Close to Afghan Deal, ‘If Possible’

Trump met with top officials on peace deal

Having met with top national security officials on Friday to discuss the proposed peace plan with the Taliban, President Trump offered few details, but continued to hint that a deal was “close,” and that the US is looking to make a deal “if possible.”

It’s not clear what that means for the Friday talks, though clearly if Trump is still presenting the deal as at least potentially possible, they deal probably wasn’t dismissed out of hand.

Where the talks go from here, however, isn’t entirely clear. Last week’s talks seemed to end with both sides being ready to make a deal, pending talks their respective leaderships. Both sides seemed to be inclined to make the deal, but neither has confirmed anything since.

So long as the two sides aren’t giving up, which they aren’t, they remain on the cusp of a deal. The hope that they have a proper announcement of a deal on Monday, to coincide with Afghan independence day, seems unlikely, but a deal remains attainable.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of