Trump Privately Suggested Full Naval Blockade of Venezuela

Suggested ships could stop all goods entering Venezuela

Officials say that President Trump has repeatedly raised the idea of a full naval blockade being imposed on Venezuela for at least the last year and a half as a way of trying to impose regime change, saying the US Navy could prevent all ships from entering and exiting the large South American country.

One person was quoted as saying that in recent weeks, Trump said “we should get the ships out there” and “prevent anything going in.” Trump has confirmed to the media that a blockade is “an option.”

Officially there is not a full naval blockade yet, though the US has made efforts to prevent shipments to Venezuela, and earlier this week was reported to have seized a ship full of food to prevent it getting to Venezuela.

Trump backed regime change in Venezuela at the start of the year, and continues to insist that the opposition is the rightful government, even though in practice, that has not actually happened.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of