Gibraltar Denies Iran’s Report Oil Tanker Could Soon Be Released

Britain claims tanker held in 'ongoing investigation'

Gibraltar officials denied reports today that they intend to release the Grace 1 oil tanker, an Iranian tanker they’ve held for over a month. British officials concurred, saying it was part of an “ongoing investigation.”

It’s not clear why, but Iranian officials believed the tanker might be about to be freed. In fact, they told the media that they believed the tanker might be let go by Tuesday night. That clearly did not happen.

The tanker was capture by British forces in early July, and accused of intending to deliver oil to Syria. Iran responded weeks later by capturing a British tanker, and has expressed openness about an exchange.

The British government has expressed opposition to any sort of trade, and has tried to spin their capture of an Iranian tanker as justified, and Iran’s capture of their tanker as unjustified. Clearly, that’s not going to resolve anything, however, and is leaving the matter open for resolution.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of