Commander: US Not Scaling Back Operations in Afghanistan

Officials say no changes to US operations

With hopes for an imminent peace deal in Afghanistan, there were reports that the US military was starting to scale back operations in the country, both limiting combat operations, and advisory missions.

Gen. Scott Miller, the US commander of Afghanistan, insisted the reports are “inaccurate and speculative.” Other officials say there have been no changes to US operations in Afghanistan of any kind.

This perhaps isn’t a shock, since the hopes of a peace deal didn’t end up panning out either. A peace deal is likely to happen at a later date, but until then it’s unsurprising that the US is holding off on confirming any policy changes.

That said, the US involvement in Afghanistan seems to be to increasingly little effect, with Afghan forces getting overrun wherever they fight the Taliban, and the US not getting deeply involved in the losses.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of